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Friday, 11 February 2011

Ten Top Tips for Twitter Marketing

1. Engage: Follow relevant influencers, and foster the influencers of the future. Don't just follow or engage with people because they have a lot of followers. Follow those whose tweets are compelling to you - and to other like minded people. A high number of followers may indicate a source of tweets that are compelling to others. The higher the number of people they are following, the less this is true. If somebody follows 10,000 and is followed by 10,000 that doesn't really mean anything.) Engage honestly. If you like a tweet, retweet it. But also follow less influential people. Learn from them and help them to grow.

2. Quality, not quantity of followees and followers. Don't seek large numbers of poor quality, irrelevant followers. Only follow people you're proud to follow. Be patient: you can easily get thousands of poor quality, disinterested followers in a short space of time, but you will achieve nothing.

3. Don't tweet too much. Or too often. That might sound counter-intuitive - you do need to tweet frequent, compelling content in order to build a high quality following. But as is true in life generally, if you haven't got something worthwhile, then say nothing. Don't tweet more than three times within the space of 30 seconds, or you'll clog up your followers' feeds and that's annoying. If every other tweet in their feed is yours, because you tweet so often, that also alienates followers - and do you really have that many interesting things to say? These are among the most common reasons people stop following you. But this is another commandment that applies less to very popular people such as celebrities. If people really do hunger for every word then tweet as much as you like about anything.

4. Tweet with the aim of exciting, inspiring and entertaining like minded people. If most of your followers know you, or are a fan of yours, it's just possible they'll find even your most trivial updates worth reading. If not, then don't bore the majority of them with what you had for breakfast.

5. Don't follow just to get followed back. It's unreliable, unsustainable, and selfish. In Twitter, as in life, you generally get back as much as you put in, and reap what you sow. No more, no less.

6. If you wish to honour the author, "Retweet" using the Retweet button.

7. Use "RT @" to build your own Twitter greatness - stand upon the shoulders of giants. But sometimes its nice to honour the original author. Hence you should use number the Retweet button generously

8. Only retweet what you find compelling. Don't Retweet or "RT" trivia just to flatter the influencer who tweeted it - you'll only bore your own followers.

9. Check Top Tweets and retweet compelling content. The masses have spoken.

10. Be relevant. Focus on your subject - especially if your aim is to build your authority in one particular specialism. Don't use #tags for promotional purposes - use them only to share information with people interested in a topic. Don't dilute your Twitter stream with too much distraction and irrelevance: if you want to tweet on a wide range of unrelated subjects - such as social media and sport - set up two topical profiles. Most Sport fans don't care about social media marketing. Your Twitter feed should be part of your personal marketing campaign. It should be targeted.

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