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Monday, 1 November 2010

Social Media: Building a Better World with CSR

CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility is the idea of organisations taking responsibility for their social and environmental impacts. If taken seriously and implemented properly into corporate strategy, that has to be a good thing for everybody.

But to many organisations taking responsibility appears to be merely a PR exercise, an empty and cynical attempt to attract media coverage, reassure investors, and win business. according to, "CSR is a strategy for avoiding regulation... [and] is a corporate reaction to public mistrust..."

But what if organisations were completely transparent, whether they liked it or not? What if corporate whistle blowers were able to report malpractice to the world in seconds? What if brands were completely at the mercy of all their stakeholders, who were free to criticise the organisation or find out what it was really up to?
Welcome to the world of Social Media - the age of social media transparency is already here. Organisations beware.

It seems inevitable that organisations will grow increasingly conscious of their negative social media profile, and how little control they have over it (as Nestlé discovered to their cost!) Social media awareness increasing within the business world. The use of social media monitoring is increasing, as is CRM platform integration.

Social media activity is increasingly visible to executives and many are likely to be horrified at seeing their brands debated and criticised online, not just within their web and social media assets, but in blogs, forums and social networking sites all over the internet.

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