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Friday, 15 October 2010

Digital marketing with pin-point precision

Digital marketers at Starbucks are pin-pointing mobile phone customers with highly targeted, highly relevant and compelling marketing messages, to which the user can respond and buy with almost no effort at all:

This is a good example of how technology enables digital marketers to target customers with pin-point accuracy and relevance, delivering precisely the right message to precisely the right people, at precisely the right time.

Traditional marketing campaigns waste effort and can alienate people, especially if they target people who have not opted in. In this example not only has the customer opted in, but they're actually walking past Starbucks or even inside the venue, and can get a discounted coffee by taking a couple of steps out of their way.

Everybody wins when digital marketing campaign is properly planned and deployed, with the user at its heart. Online campaigns can be even more user-tailored, and even more powerful.

Welcome to the future of marketing. Are you part of it? Or are you still spamming random people with unwanted messages, intruding on their private lives and repeating dull messages to them everywhere they go? Tomorrow's outdoor advertising posters will display exactly what the viewer was already looking for, when they were looking for it, in a place they can get it. (And give them a discount).

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