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Friday, 17 September 2010

Why Don't SEOs' Websites Rank 1st in Google?

Why Don't SEOs' Websites Rank 1st in Google?

Shouldn't every SEO website have Toolbar PR9 and rank 1st for the word 'SEO'?

After watching this video on SEOmoz It occurred to me that I don't bother much with SEO for my own website - mainly because my name, Ben Acheson, is quite unusual. It's actually quite easy for me to rank for my own name. So what about other, better known SEOs?

I think the best SEOs in the world - and certainly the best known - are Rand Fishkin (SEOmoz) and Aaron Wall (SEObook). So I had a look at the search engine optimisation o their personal websites.

I was really quite surprised to note that Rand's own website is PR4 in Google's toolbar pagerank. He's the best in the world, right?

Aaron Wall's website is the same. Toolbar PageRank 4.

Neither website ranks #1 in Google even for their own names, in spite of the name keyword elements being in the domains.

In my opinion these are the best two SEOs in the world. So why aren't they drowning in link juice and ranking #1 for "SEO", let alone their own names?!

I think in the case of Rand and Aaron it must be partly because their efforts go into SEO for their business websites, SEOmoz and SEObook. This hypothesis is supported by the business websites outranking them for their own names.

Another explanation is that busy, world-leading SEOs are naturally much more interested in working on behalf of their top clients, rather than for themselves personally.

But I think it is likely that like me many SEOs just don't bother investing a lot of time into optimising their own personal web presence. Why would they? Where is ROI?

Of course PR4 is really good for any website. And I suspect that both Rand and Aaron have achieved their good PageRank values organically - because I suspect that they have not actively pursued SEO campaigns for those domains.

So perhaps these websites could be held up as examples of really healthy, organically optimised websites. I think this is an interesting thought.

I would be very interested to hear anybody's thoughts - especially any SEOs - and most of all I would really welcome Rand or Aaron's thoughts on this.


aaron wall said...

If anything, publicly I have been putting less weight into pushing my name and trying to put more into the name of the company brand.

I could build up my personal site ... but there is little purpose to it in the short run. And when that changes I could always change. :D

And when people search for my name I prefer our commercial site outranking my personal one.

jimkraus said...

Hi Ben,

Great article! I think the SEOs suffer from the same affliction that hits most of us- work on our own websites always seems to take a back seat to the work we do for others.
I always mean to get around to finish the SEO for my website. Maybe next year!

randfish said...

Ditto what Aaron said!

I think my personal site is currently completely non-functioning, so it's not even something I'm trying to maintain.

I'd also add that using homepage toolbar PageRank likely isn't the best metric for judging a site's SEO performance :-)