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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Let your job role expand

Role-creep. It's a good thing. Embrace it. Do you really want your power, influence and variety of work to be imprisoned within your official title?

Have you been asked to do something that isn't in your job description? Will it make a difference to the business? Or will it help somebody who is in a position of power within the organisation? If so then you should prioritise it and aim to exceed expectations.

As you should with any important task, promise to complete it in more time than you actually need need, then do a great job, achieve more than you were asked to achieve and complete well ahead of schedule (while performing your normal duties) to impress everybody involved.

If there is a new project get involved. If there something is needed and nobody knows much about it, become the expert. Take control of projects and focus your energy into becoming the hub of information and communication, planning documenting and distributing information at every stage.

Times of organisational change and upheaval are particularly ripe for gaining power, influence and responsibility. Step up and make your role what you want it to be, then wait for everything to settle and solidify into the formal status quo.

Then it's time to talk about your job title and salary.

Have you ever used opportunities to expand your job role in this way? Have you or a colleague used a the opportunity of a fluid organisation to change or expand your role? I'd love you to post about it here...

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